The actress gives Rach a tour of her growing family's fridge.

By Rachael Ray Every Day
November 01, 2005
Tori Spelling

Rachael Ray: Hey, Tori! Thanks for letting us hang out in your kitchen. I love the sonogram picture you've hung up.

Tori Spelling: Thanks! That's our baby girl's 3-D ultrasound, which we took in my eighth month of pregnancy. I love looking at her every time I walk into the kitchen.

RR: You're such a beautiful mom -- you've definitely got that glow. Does your son, Liam, have a favorite snack? It looks like yogurt to me.

TS: Yogurt is his morning staple. He also surprisingly loves his fruits and veggies. He's very inquisitive about new foods and we encourage him to try everything.

RR: That's great. My mom introduced me to all kinds of foods when I was a kid, so I grew up eating everything too. Is that big jar of sliced pickles for family barbecues or to satisfy your late-night cravings?

TS: Liam and I love pickles. I eat them straight from the jar. A friend actually made me that jar as a present.

RR: Is there something you've been eating a lot of during your pregnancy?

TS: These days, I could be happy with nothing but applesauce, seedless grapes and chocolate pudding -- and rocky road ice cream as a treat!

RR: Sounds like a well-rounded diet to me. Does your husband like to cook? I bet he's been spoiling you.

TS: Dean is an amazing chef. During this pregnancy, he's been cooking me homemade pasta alla checca, which he makes with garlic, olive oil, tomatoes, basil and tons of parmesan cheese.

RR: That's so sweet. I love a man who knows his way around a kitchen. So, what's in that pitcher on the top shelf? It looks so refreshing.

TS: Ahhhh ... it is so refreshing! I mix filtered and sparkling water and throw in lemon and orange slices. I hate drinking regular water so I have to trick my palate into thinking it's really something else.

RR: Sneaky! Okay, last question. If you could have anyone over for dinner, living or dead, who would it be?

TS: It would be my dad [Aaron Spelling], who passed away two years ago. I would love to show him the wonderful family I've created. And I always told him that I made a really great lasagna -- I'd love the chance to prove it!


1. Which television show has Tori not appeared on?

A. Saved by the Bell

B. Beverly Hills 90210

C. Full House

2. If Tori could have anyone over for dinner, who would it be?

A. Jake Gyllenhaal

B. Aaron Spelling

C. Madonna

3. What did Tori name her memoir?

A. My hisTORI

B. sTORI Telling

C. so NoTORIous

Answers: 1. C 2. B 3. B