Salads get an instant upgrade with five new supermarket finds that add flavor and crunch. So long, boring croutons!


Twistos Bruschetta Baked Snack Bites


Miniature in size, but not in taste, these tiny toasted bread slices are flavored with the classic Italian combo of tomato and basil. ($2.79 for 5.3 oz.)

Mrs. Cubbison's Authentic Wonton Strips


These crispy, super-snackable ribbons add richness and texture to Asian-inspired salads-- if they make it to the bowl! ($2.49 for 4 oz.)

Chavrie Crumbled Goat Cheese Salad Blend


With candied lemon, apricots, pumpkin seeds and thyme, you can just add greens for a fully loaded salad.($4.99 for 4 oz.)

Sunsweet Amazin Berry Blend


With the simple shake of a pouch, add plump antioxidant-rich dried plums, cranberries, blueberries and cherries to your greens. ($3.75 for 5 oz.)

Chic-a-Peas Falafel


Baked chickpeas seasoned with a blend of savory spices add protein and crunch to Middle Eastern- and Mediterranean-style salads. ($3.99 for 3 oz.)

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