Tony Danza

Rach discovers who's really the boss in the actor's Italian kitchen.
Tony Danza

Rachael Ray: Hey, Ton'! Thanks for showing us your fridge. I can't wait to read your new cookbook, Don't Fill Up on the Antipasto. What's the one dish your family can't live without?

Tony Danza: It's definitely my lasagna. It's so good it needs an introduction -- I call it "the lasagna." I use crushed meatballs in my recipe instead of chopped meat. The secret to Italian cooking is making a good meatball!

RR: Absolutely. Meatballs are integral. Do you have any leftovers in there right now? It looks like you've got a lot of Tupperware.

TD: I always have olives, red peppers and cold cuts in my house. And, of course, a hunk of parmesan cheese and bottles of Heineken.

RR: You've also got a lot of fruits and veggies in there.

TD: Yeah, I try to be a mindful eater. Growing up, my father would often cut up an apple and walk around asking, "You want a piece of apple?" I do that now, and I've even caught my 15-year-old daughter doing the same thing.

RR: I love that! Did your dad cook when you were growing up?

TD: He did all of the cooking. My mother only cooked on Christmas and Thanksgiving.

RR: I love seeing a guy in the kitchen. You always look so comfortable at the stove.

TD: I am, and my son learned that from me. My book isn't just recipes -- it's about us cooking together as a family.

RR: Well, I'm getting two -- one for me and one for my mom. Now, I know you've had a lot of fun people over for meals. If you could have anyone, living or dead, over for a dinner party, who would you invite?

TD: I'd invite Frank Sinatra, Abraham Lincoln, John McCain and Barack Obama.

RR: Boy, that's going to be some dinner party!

TD: I think it'd be good for the politicians to talk with Abraham Lincoln. And I'd need Frank there to make sure everybody is listening!


1. What was Tony's profession before becoming an actor?

A. Chef

B. Mechanic

C. Boxer

2. If Tony could have anyone over for dinner, who would it be?

A. Marilyn Monroe

B. Frank Sinatra

C. Rob Schneider

3. What's Tony's real name?

A. Anthony Danzarino

B. Antonio Iadanza

C. Tony Micelli

Answers: 1. C 2. B 3. B