No matter the season, these tips will help you get the most for your time and money at your local Marshalls store.
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Courtesy of Marshalls

As a market editor for Rachael Ray Every Day, I'm practically a professional shopper. Part of my job is to meet with everyone's favorite brands and stores to see what kinds of items they will be stocking for the upcoming season. And, of course, there's always talk of trends. It's no secret I'm a HomeGoods fan and a T.J. Maxx advocate too. But over the years, I have been more impressed and even surprised by what sister store Marshalls has to offer in terms of its selection of clothing, decor, and even beauty products. And let's not forget about their legendary, hyper-organized shoe department! With its rows of boxes, you don't have to hunt too hard for a size or style you want here. But like other large stores that carry a little bit of everything, it's good to have a strategy when going in either to shop or just browse. So after talking with celeb stylist and Marshalls partner, Melissa Garcia, I came up with this list of hacks for getting the most of out your Marshalls trips. 

Credit: Courtesy of Marshalls

Shop often and early. Marshalls doesn't currently have e-commerce (it's coming), and I see that as a net positive right now. That means all of their merchandise is going straight to stores! For the best variety of stuff, you should make frequent visits to your local store and even check other nearby locations when you can. Each Marshalls receives thousands of new items weekly, so there's always something new to discover. If you like having the store to yourself, Garcia says it's best to grab a cup of coffee and shop first thing in the morning. In my experience, there's also a little bit of a lull after dinner time. So if you're making one of those trips where you know exactly what you need and can go straight to that department for it—new socks, for example, swinging by at nighttime an hour or so before the store closes should work too.

Courtesy of Marshalls

Pay attention to displays. If you want to rock the latest trends and coolest brands—but have no idea what they are right now, Garcia says to check out what's on the racks in the front of each department or hanging directly on the walls. These highly visible areas are often stocked with the latest and greatest merchandise, so you don't have to go digging around if that's not your shopping style.  

Use the dressing rooms. Sure, Marshalls has a good return policy should a purchase not work for you once you get home. But if you haven't checked out their dressing areas, you're missing a great space to sort through your clothing picks and get organized before heading over to check out. Each room has "Definitely," "Possibly," and "Tomorrow" hooks, so you can figure out what you love and what you can live without—and save yourself the time it takes to make a return or exchange. That said, if you aren't sure about an item, best to buy it. There's no guarantee it'll be where you left it or in the store at all, if you change your mind and decide you need it.

Courtesy of Marshalls

Take notice of tags. Price tags at Marshalls are generally white. But if you catch sight of something with a red or yellow sticker on it, that means the item is on clearance and is an even better deal then when it first landed in stores. If you happen to see something purple, do not adjust your eyes either. Though Marshalls stores are phasing these tags out, if you do encounter the occasional purple tag, this just signals that you're defintiely looking at a designer piece. Score!

Now you're ready to hit the aisles at Marshalls with strategies for success. Happy shopping!