This month, raise awareness -- and a glass -- for a cause: Movember. Movember is a global charity dedicated to raising awareness for men's health. Throughout the month of November, the charity encourages men to grow a mustache and ask their friends and family to donate to the cause. Women can participate too -- all they have to do is register and urge their loved ones to donate. You may be familiar with No-Shave November, which raises cancer awareness by embracing our hair, which many cancer patients lose. The campaign asks the public to take the money they would usually spend on shaving and grooming and donate it to cancer prevention. Whether you're sprouting a 'stache for Movember or have given up shaving for No-Shave November, there's no better way to embrace the good deed than by celebrating!


Throw a 'Stache Bash! Give everyone the chance to don a mustache(real or fake) for the night, serve facial hair-themed finger foods and throw out some mustache trivia questions. Give your guests the option to donate to the cause, and send them home with some fantastic mustache party accessories to remember the fun night. Check out some our stache-tastic recipes below!


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