Send in your photos and this company will print, frame, and design a custom gallery wall for your home.
Photo courtesy of Framebridge
| Credit: Photo courtesy of Framebridge

Let's face it: Assembling a gallery wall can be overwhelming. Unless you have a trained eye for design, your mix of art and photos can end up looking mismatched and your arrangement lopsided. That's where Framebridge comes in. The custom framing service launched a new tool aimed at helping regular folks design and hang a gallery wall like a professional interior designer.

"The thing that is special about a gallery wall is the way that it personalizes a space, and makes it tell your story," said Nate Berkus, Framebridge Creative Advisor and famed interior designer. "Framebridge's gallery walls really give you the ability to play and create what you will love in your home but 100 percent foolproof."

Credit: Photo courtesy of Framebridge

Here's how it works: Choose a design from one of their six gallery wall arrangements. The gallery wall designs come in varying sizes and colors. The smallest gallery wall, dubbed "The Stack," features four unique frames aligned in a single column. It would look great on a small wall in an entryway or between bedrooms in a hallway. The largest option is a floor-to-ceiling grid of 12 minimalist frames, available in both silver and white frames. This extra-large gallery wall would make a stylish statement in a living room.

Once you've picked your layout, all you need to do is supply the images—think wedding shots, senior portraits, vacation pictures, or glamour shots of your pets. Use the online tool to upload images straight from your computer or phone. The tool also lets you choose crops and preview photos in the frame. Finally, get a last look at your completed design, approve, and purchase. Framebridge takes care of the printing, framing, and shipping.

Our favorite feature, however, is the handy hanging guide that comes with your gallery wall. It can be a struggle to align, level, and space a gallery wall, so Framebridge's custom hanging solution is heaven-sent. When your framed artwork arrives, so does a life-size stencil of your frames. Tape the kraft paper to the wall and hammer in the provided nails over the guide. Of course, if you feel comfortable with a tape measure and level, you can always hang at your own discretion to customize your gallery wall layout. 

Credit: Photo courtesy of Framebridge

Purchasing a fully-designed, custom-built gallery wall will cost anywhere between $235 and $1,090. Considering the cost of similar high-end frames found in stores and the cost of printing, plus the convenience of a professionally-designed layout, we'd say this home decor tool is worth the splurge. "A gallery wall is the best way to personalize your show what you love, where you've been, what is meaningful to you," says Berkus. "Art and photography beautifully arranged in a gallery wall will automatically up the design ante in any room."

The company offers additional framing services, including frames for Instagram images, designer recommendations, and gallery wall consultations that can help you plan a design around objects you might already own. While the gallery wall tool is currently only designed for digital photos, Framebridge is also looking to advance the technology to include artwork and three-dimensional wall decor.

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