This Class Lets You Drink Wine and Play with Power Tools

*Hammer* out tonight’s plans! (Get it?)
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woman opening wine bottle with drill

The craze for classes where you paint and sip wine has inspired endless spin-offs—knitting, cake decorating, flower arranging, you get the idea. Upside: A fun night out with pals. Downside: The classes can feel a little twee.  

Marketing itself as the place “where paint night meets power tools,” Cricket Studio in Annapolis, Maryland, offers an amped-up alternative: BYOB woodworking classes. For $35 and up, the studio provides the materials and machines to construct a serving tray, wine caddy or decorative sign; you provide the booze. Reassuringly, nail guns are used only early in the night, says owner Jodi Roberts. “We get that part out of the way before they refill their glasses.”

Visit For similar classes, check out DIY Bar ( in Portland, OR, and DIY Uncorked ( in Hoboken, NJ.