the great clothing
Courtesy of The Great
| Credit: Courtesy of The Great

1. Cozy Threads

"I'm obsessed with the Great—they make the coolest, most comfortable clothing. Everything feels beat-up, almost like a hand-me-down. I live in their jeans, cargo jackets, and super-thick boiled-wool cardigans. Best part: A lot of the stuff comes in sizes 0, 1, 2, and 3, so no matter what, it feels like you're putting on something small!"

raw chickpeas
Credit: Courtesy of Getty Images

2. ’Pea Passion

"I'm chickpea crazy! I love Hippeas, crunchy snacks that taste like Cheetos but are made out of chickpeas. There are a bunch of different flavors, and they're actually good for you. I've also been using SirKensington's chipotle Fabanaise, a chickpea-based vegan mayo, to make smoky chipotle deviled eggs. Absolutely fabulous!";

headphones illustration
Credit: Illustration by Joel Holland

3. Listen Up!

"I don't like listening to myself talk—I'm the vocal equivalent of a bobblehead. But I love listening to chef Michael Solomonov chatting about what he does for Beyond the Plate, a podcast about all things food, hosted by Andrew Kaplan. Kappy is my director of special projects, but he's also my own personal Zagat guide and he knows good stuff. Download his show for your A.M. commute, because he cooks without gas—no hot air."

moss lettering
Credit: Courtesy of Plant the Future Design Studio

4. Moss Style

"I bought preserved moss art from Plant the Future for my hairstylist Patty Mocarski's New York salon, Little Space. They have lots of shapes, and it's great because you don't have to water it! It stays green for ages, so you can hang it on the wall and not worry about it.";

vietnamese dishes
Credit: Photography by Nick Solares

5. Vietnamese, Please

"I've been loving the Vietnamese food boom in NYC's East Village. At Madame Vo, a restaurant from husband-and-wife team Jimmy Ly and Yen Vo, every dish is one of the couple's family recipes. Hanoi House is another favorite. I've been, like, four times since it opened!";