Nobody knows more about stamina than the Radio City Rockettes. So we asked dancers
Natalie Reid and Sarah Grooms to share their
best tips for powering through the holidays.

Rockettes on Stage
Photography by Getty Images
| Credit: Photography by Getty Images

Hit the Gym

You're going to need endurance to survive the season. "We rehearse six hours a day, six days a week for six weeks leading up to opening night," says Sarah. She and Natalie prepare for that by mixing up their workouts. "Whether it's boxing or yoga, a workout can get you energized for whatever the day brings you," says Natalie. 

Snack Smart

"We do about 300 high kicks during each performance, which burns up to 700 calories!" says Sarah. "To keep us going, we snack on a lot of protein-rich foods." Some favorites? String cheese, Greek yogurt with honey, and celery with almond butter. 

Take a Power Nap 

Sleep is a must for muscle recovery, so the dancers aim to get eight hours each night. That can be tough during a 17-show week. "If we can't get in a full night's rest, we fit a nap in between performances," says Natalie. 

Find Time for Fun 

The season is hectic for Natalie and Sarah—they cram in shopping between performances or on their one day off each week. But they still make time for festivities. "We have backstage traditions, like a potluck with our Rockette sisters," says Sarah.