You already know how important staying hydrated in the summer is, but sometimes chugging all that water can seem like a little bit of a feat. Why not make it fun-- while keeping it healthy-- by adding natural flavor from fruits, veggies and herbs? With these infused water ideas, you can say goodbye to boring sips, and hello to lickable lips!


Add a squeeze of citrus

You already take it in your tea, so why not try your water? Lemons and limes are packed with essential vitamins and minerals, and since we don't normally eat these fruits on their own, squeezing them into our water is the next best thing.


Get fresh!

Ever need a refreshing kick after your lunch or dinner? One simple solution: mint water! It'll freshen your breath and take away any craving your sweet tooth may have. Try other herbs like basil or rosemary, too!


Drop a cube or two

Get fancy with fresh fruit puree and sparkling water for a refreshing tropical treat: Puree equal parts chopped kiwi and pineapple with a little water and pour into a tray. Serve in sparkling water.


When in doubt, blend it out!

Make hydration super simple with an agua fresca, water that's mixed with the blended and strained juices from fruit for maximum flavor and minimum guilt.

Happy hydrating!

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