The Fast Lane

Roll out some speedy race-day snacks fit for a Nascar pit crew.

The keys to winning in Nascar seem simple enough: Go fast and don't run out of gas. With that in mind, we came up with a trackside meal to keep your engines running for the next 500 miles. On the starting line: hot grilled corn, sandwiches and dessert that go from fridge to table in less than 20 minutes.


Black-and-White Corn

Caesar Salad Dip

Beefy Tomato Sandwiches

"Yellow Flag" Dessert Skewers

Mountain Dew Floats

tips + how-tos



Race day starts extra-early for members of the pit team.

05:30 Wake-up call.
06:30 Crew eats a quick breakfast with lots of strong coffee.
06:55 Arrive at the track.
07:00 Garage opens, and prerace prep on the car begins.
07:30 Crew stocks the trackside pit stall with race essentials.
08:00 Time to fuel up and put new tires on the car.
09:00 Run tests to make sure the car is race eligible.
11:00 Team needs fuel -- lunch!
12:30 Crew and driver firm up strategy.
13:00 Cars enter the track.
13:35 Crew assembles in the pit.
14:00 Green flag: Go!