Whatever your shorts hang-ups are, Rach's buddy Gretta Monahan says there's a clothing pick to flatter you. Really!

By Rachael Ray Every Day
November 01, 2005
fun short curvy person

I'm too curvy for shorts! Curvy bodies will look smooth and slim in classic shorts with a looser fit.

Color: Solid, dark colors and thick fabrics, like denim or thick cotton, have shape-smoothing and minimizing powers.

Fit: Shorts should float away from the body. By not hugging every inch, they smooth thighs, creating a leaner silhouette. A high, thick waistband and a clean style (no big pockets or pleats) will also slim you.

Length: They should hit a few inches above the knee, so you see just the narrowest part of the leg, leading you to assume what's above is shapely, too!

Pair it with: flowy tops or blazers, which create dimension on top to balance your upper and lower halves. High heels in nude colors will slim and lengthen legs.

short person skinny

I have bird legs! Skinny legs need a little help in the dimension department: Look for patterns, bows and flappy pockets.

Color: Mix colors and prints fearlessly. People will notice your clothes more (and your legs less) if there are bold details to grab their attention. Prints and details like an embellished collar, help add substance.

Fit: Form-fitting -- but not tight -- shorts with cargo pockets or pleats will balance skinny bottoms.

Length: Wear pairs on the longer side, hitting at the knee or just below. The additional length will help bulk up bony legs and solidify your lower half.

Pair it with: vibrant jewelry or a busy top to give the entire look a more substantial feel. The one place you should go small: shoes. Choose flats or strappy sandals -- chunky styles will dwarf legs.

short person knobby

I hate my knees! Knobby knees benefit from shorter shorts. Cuffs and belts are bonuses -- they draw the eyes upward.

Color: A touch of color, such as a pastel, or a subtle pattern will naturally pull the eyes upward and away from the problem area.

Fit: Go for fitted pairs, preferably with a cuff that takes focus away. If they're too tight, they will practically point right at your knees!

Length: Shorts that hit at the halfway point of your thigh are ideal. Showing more of your lower thigh will make your legs look longer.

Pair it with: bold detail at the ankles, such as chunky wedges or platform shoes, to make knees look smaller in proportion.


Focus on fit, not tag size. Your shorts should fit your widest part comfortably.

For pairs you might already own, hemming the length, nipping in at the waist or sewing flappy pockets shut can slim a silhouette.

Flesh-colored tights conceal a multitude of sins. They also dress up shorts for nighttime.


Gradual Fix: Exfoliation
Use an exfoliating body wash every day and a body scrub once a week. The buffing whisks away dry skin cells, preventing ingrown hairs and bumps, and helps moisturizer and tanner go on smoothly.

Long-Lasting Fix: Self-Tanning Lotions
Use a moisturizer that gradually tans and tightens (firming formulas do this). Lightly bronzed skin will help hide spider veins, scars and other minor imperfections.

Instant Fix: "Liquid Stockings"
The stars use Vaseline before photo ops to give legs a reflective glow. Get the effect (without the gloop) by using body oil or shimmer cream on shins. For anything these won't disguise (stretch marks or bruises), try body makeup -- it's thicker than foundation and won't smear if you cross your legs.