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The Best Dog and Cat Products to Snag This Month, According To Our Pet Panel

From functional cat carriers to stylish duds for your dog, you only want the best of the best for your fur baby. So we enlisted the help of some trusted four-legged friends to test some products and report back to their humans with their picks.

Whether you're looking to upgrade your dog's harness or in need of a safe and secure carrying case for your cat, finding long-lasting, quality products for your furry friends that are both functional and stylish can be a challenge. To help narrow down your shopping cart, we enlisted our own pet panel to do the research. Here are 8 products to help you spoil your beloved pal, or gift the pawrent in your life this holiday season.

1. Rainy-Day Duds For Your Dog

K9 Dog Raincoat

"For the set that loves to dress up their pups from time to time, this adorable classic yellow slicker from K9 Wear ($60) is just as useful as it is stylish. To use the coat with a leash, you do need to purchase their harness ($55) with comfortable padding and a specially-designed, leash-hooking D-ring that works with their entire line of coats. My pup Pidgin loves her raincoat, and we love that her fur doesn't get soaked on soggy days!"

-Hannah Baker, Home Editor

2. A Sleeker Cat Bowl


"I love the simple modern design of the Hepper Nomnom Bowl ($39.50). The plastic tray surrounding it is super easy to clean and keeps the floor around it free of food mess. The removable metal dishes make it easy for my kids to help fill food and water, and our two cats, Pinto and Garbanzo, seem to like it too!" 

-Phoebe Flynn Rich, Creative Director 

3. A Portable Bed for Your Cat


"My cat Gus doesn't just cry from within his carrier while driving in the car, he bellows out the distressed song of his people, sounds that bring to mind a human getting tortured. Some trips are better than others, but when we took our first outing with the Sleepypod ($199) I couldn't believe how much quieter he was than on previous car rides. Essentially a traveling pet bed, the round base detaches from the hood to serve as a full-time plush and comfy sleeping space. When it's time to travel, you easily zip on the lid, clip on the shoulder strap, and go. Though too big for an airplane and a little awkward for walking with, the Sleepypod mobile pet bed shines as a car carrier." 

-Tara Cox, Executive Managing Editor

4. The Chic and Sturdy Collar (That Passes The Dog Park Test)

Maxbone collar

"Pidgin is a biggg lover of romps in the dog park—and she doesn't just run around, she full-on wrestles with other dogs and rolls in the mud.  Because of that, it was really hard to find a collar that was stylish and wouldn't immediately get ruined.  Luckily, one of my favorite brands for modern and stylish pet accessories, Maxbone, came to the rescue with this Isabel Collar ($85). It's real leather, so wears incredibly well over time, and the cute pastel color-blocking gets a 10/10 in the style department."

-Hannah Baker, Home Editor 

5. A Color Blocked Leash & Harness Set

"My little 13-pound rescue terrier, Sol, loves Sassy Woof! The Adjustable Harness ($27.99) is just his style, with the matching turquoise Rope Leash ($34.99) and Waste Bag Holder ($12.99). Because Sol has a long, thin body that's often between sizes, I especially loved how helpful and knowledgable the Sassy Wolf team was about finding the exact right fit for him."

—Joan Flynn, Sol's mom

5. Cat Grooming Gloves You Need To Get Your Hands In

Pet Gloves

"Gus is nothing short of a divo; he'll primp and preen every chance he gets, and I swear when he passes a mirror he'll lovingly gaze at his own reflection and groom some more. He loves attention in the form of head rubs and chin scratches and he's no stranger to reiki and touch therapy, and now because of the Hands On Gloves ($24.99), massage mitts. I keep the Grooming Gloves handy for frequent spa sessions as we chill on the couch – the bonding time feels like a peaceful meditation for me as well (they do say a cat's purr heals!). And bonus: the Grooming Gloves collects so much hair, you'll be able to contain some shedding around the house as well."

-Tara Cox, Executive Managing Editor

6. The Smart, Sporty Pup Tote That Holds Up

K9 Sport Sack

"Living in New York City, we do a lot of traveling by subway, bus, and taxi, so having an easy and safe way to keep Pidgin contained in a bag while in transit was really important for us.  She's medium-sized, around 40 pounds, so we couldn't just put her in a bag like smaller toy breeds.  Luckily, K9 Sport Sack proved the perfect solve with their cleverly designed backpack made just for pups. Because the backpack was developed with the help of animal pros, dog trainers, and veterinarians, it's safe and comfortable for both humans and their dogs.  We've taken many a trip with Pidgin comfortably nestled in the K9 Sport Sack Plus 2 ($94.95) and she doesn't squirm around or seem uncomfortable at all. Bonus: there aren't any signs of wear and tear even after many months of use!"

-Hannah Baker, Home Editor

6. A Chew-Proof Snooze Pad

Dog bed

"Our dog Ollie loves his Sleepenvie bed ($89)! He destroyed the original bed we purchased for him within a couple of weeks. This one is top-quality, made with chew-proof material that's easy to clean, and is both comfortable and supportive. The modern design fits in with the rest of our home (instead of sticking out like a sore thumb). Proof that our pup loves how it feels as much as we love how it looks: he drags the bed from room to room just to be near us!"

-Sarah Srygley, Ollie's mom