Freezer aisle finger foods are the key to no-sweat holiday parties. With these quick, from-scratch upgrades, no one will guess you're serving store-bought!


1. Best fried shrimp

SeaPak Shrimp & Seafood Co. Jumbo Coconut Shrimp

With just the right amount of crispy, sweet coating, these juicy shrimp taste like the Caribbean! ($7.99 for 10 oz.; $9.99 for 18 oz.)

2. Best mini quiches

Nancy's Petite Quiche Lorraine and Quiche Florentine

A tender custard filling and flaky crust make these mini quiches stand out. Plus, you get two fresh-tasting flavor combos per box! ($9.19 for 32, at

3. Best pigs in a blanket

Nathan's Beef Franks in a Blanket

These little piggies are well seasoned, and the puffy pastry tastes homemade. ($3.99 for 12; $9.99 for 40)

4. Best mini egg roll

Tai Pei Mini Spicy Chicken Egg Rolls

When baked, these cigar-thin egg rolls are super-crispy on the outside and crunch through to moist, deliciously seasoned chicken. ($4.98 for 22.5 oz.)

5. Best cocktail meatballs

Trader Joe's Party Size Mini Meatballs

An Italian grandmother would be proud to call these zesty, light bites her own! ($4.29 for 20 oz.)


6. Best cheesy bites

Mamie's Famous Cheese Wafers

Southern hostesses swear by Mamie's Famous at cocktail hour. Think of them as the love child of a cheese straw and shortbread cookie. (about $9 per 14-oz. roll)

7. Best spanikopita

Archer Farms Greek-Inspired Spanakopita

The perfect ratio of spinach-feta filling and ultra-thin pastry (that doesn't sog out!) makes these a winner. ($4.99 for 12, at Target)

By Jane Lear and Janet Taylor McCracken; Photography by Danny Kim

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