Not all dog bowls are created equal -- or are even suitable for each and every dog. Find the perfect dish for your pet with our recommendations for the latest and greatest in doggie dinnerware.

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Just right!

Too big, too small, too wide, too shallow? Your pooch needs a dish that's juuust right! Use our guide to find the best bowl for your dog.


The Right Size

Pooches with longer snouts need deeper dishes, while snubnosed dogs prefer shallow bowls. Deep and narrow feeders are ideal for longeared dogs -- so their ears won't dip into the food or water.


For Large Breeds

The Dogit Elevated Dish is a great option for pets that have problems eating and drinking from small bowls. It's very useful for larger and older dogs.


For Small Breeds

These handmade stoneware Sassy Dog Bowls are perfect for small dogs. Aqua dish is 5 inches across. Pink dish is 6 inches across and slightly tapered.

Sassy Dog Bowls

Travel Companion

Make Fido your new travel buddy! Watch our how-to video to learn tips for traveling with your pet!

Choice Materials

Top-of-the-line bowls are made of stainless steel. Unlike plastic or ceramic, it doesn't scratch or chip, so it's easy to clean and won't harbor bacteria. If you have a super-playful pup, opt for a bowl with a nonskid base to prevent slipping and spilling.



This heavy weight, durable bowl is also dishwasher safe. Bonus: after manufacture, each batch of bowls is tested with an off-the-shelf surface lead test kit. These bowls are so safe, you could even eat out of them!



Melamine is very similar to ceramic, but light in weight. The ORE Pet Shadow bowl is a durable feeder for your pooch that comes in a range of warm colors and attractive graphics.

ORE Pet Shadow


Designed by world-renowned designer Karim Rashid, this 100-Percent lead-free, stylish ceramic bowl has a no-skid bottom as well as handles, which make carrying a cinch.

Yum Bowl

Pet Food Labels

Do you know what's in your pup's kibble? Those who obsess over nutrition facts can turn their attention to pet food, too. Dr. Jeff Werber of PBS's Lassie's Pet Vet helps us decipher the labels.

Label Illo

Special Features

Raised bowls reduce joint and neck strain and limit air intake, so they aid digestion and can decrease gas and bloating. For speedy eaters, try "anti-gulp" bowls with ridges inside that force dogs to forage, which slows them down.



The Charleston Adjustable Feeders are able to grow with your dog -- you can change the feeder bowl elevation by sliding the feeder panel onto the appropriate rails. Perfect for older dogs, or pups with joint problems.

Raised Feeder


The Petmate Replenish Feeders & Waterers protect against odor- and stain-causing bacteria, mold and mildew, in addition to being self-replenishing. They stay cleaner and fresher longer. With its large-capacity gravity flow design, your pet has a steady source of fresh food or water.


Slow Eating

Got a hungry pooch? Help your pup slow down a bit during mealtime by having him "forage" for his food. The ridges lined inside the Kyjen Slo-Bowl Coral Slow Dog Feeder promotes natural eating habits as well as reduces the risks for bloat and obesity.

Slow Bowl


The Buddy Bowl is a spill-proof water bowl for dogs that holds water -- even when upside down! Great for super feisty pets, and also perfect for your furry travel companions as the Buddy Bowl works great in a car, truck, boat or while camping.

Buddy Bowl

Pet-Friendly Recipes

There's nothing better than a home-cooked meal, and that goes for your pets, too! Check out our favorite pet-friendly recipes that will keep your furry friend happy, healthy and feeling like he's part of the family.

Pumpkin Barley with Turkey