Lisa Freedman, Every Day with Rachael Ray's Home and Market Editor, walked (many) miles through the 2015 International Home and Housewares Show in Chicago last week. While she attempts to catch up on emails—and sleep—you can check out the five most ingenious new products on display at the show. Note: These photos aren't the prettiest, but you try trekking through a convention center while carrying hundreds of catalogs, armed with a measly iPhone camera!

OXO Bright Illuminating Digital Hand Mixer


This fall, OXO will debut small kitchen electrics—that's right, it will be the first time the company releases anything with a plug! The line includes coffee makers, toasters, an immersion blender and, our favorite, a hand mixer. It has an LED light that shines when the beaters turn, so bakers can actually see what they're mixing. Genius!, $80

Full Circle Citrus Ice Cube Infuser Set


This product isn't exactly life changing, but it will change the way you make your spa water! The set hits shelves this spring and comes with a juicer and two silicone trays. Simply juice a lemon or lime and freeze the trays. Then use the citrus-y cubes to chill—and flavor—water or cocktails., $10

GE Café Series French Door Refrigerator with Hot Water Dispenser


A few years ago, GE launched a refrigerator that dispensed hot water, so it was only a matter of time before the company came out with a fridge that could actually brew coffee. The appliance—a team effort with Keurig—features a clip-on device that brews K-Cups. It will cost a pretty penny when it comes out this fall, but think of all the counter space you'll save., $3,300

KitchenAid Precise Heat Mixing Bowl


This mixing bowl—available in April—can be heated up to 220° and works on its own as a slow cooker or on a stand mixer for temperature-sensitive ingredients. Put it to work melting cheese, making risotto, tempering chocolate and more., $330

Jarware Herb Saver and Piggy Bank


Most home cooks we know have dozens of mason jars floating around, so you may be as excited as we were to see these pieces by Jarware. Each accessory has a different function. We flipped over the ones that turn jars into herb savers and adorable piggy banks, but there are also options to make a honey dipper, tea light holder, salt and pepper shaker and more. The line hits stores in May. Pricing not available,

By Lisa Freedman