Cheese lovers beware: A new cheese is on the market that may just blow your mind. It's called Parrano, and it's a Dutch cheese with the texture of a creamy Gouda and the nutty, buttery flavor of a Parmigiano-Reggiano. Parrano will be featured at the New York City Wine and Food Festival tonight in a Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese dish created and prepared by S'MAC founder, Sarita Ekya. Therefore, the cheese has proclaimed October 18th as National Buffalo Mac & Cheese Day.

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The staff of Every Day with Rachael Ray got a preview of this mac and cheese yesterday, and we were truly impressed by how one dish could so perfectly represent both traditional macaroni and cheese and buffalo chicken. The mac and cheese had the perfect amount of heat, creaminess and plenty of chicken to make for a truly special, sinfully delicious lunch.

We also learned some valuable mac & cheese cooking tips that we're definitely going to use in our own kitchens, such as:

1. Keep your pasta al dente! Removing the pasta about two minutes before suggested cooking time on the package allows the pasta to soak up the cheesy sauce and finish cooking to a perfect texture. Don't forget to generously salt the pasta water to crank up the flavor!

2. Perfectly portion your mac & cheese by making individual servings in ramekin dishes. Plus, no more fighting over the crispy top layer (everyone's favorite part)!

Speaking of the crispy top layer...

3. There's more to a crunchy crust than just toasted breadcrumbs. Add some grated cheese such as Parmigiano-Reggiano, Pecorino or aged cheddar for added cheesiness. Adventurous? Top your mac & cheese with crispy fried onions or fried chicken skins.

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How do you like to remix your mac and cheese?

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