How to Deal With Your Family on Thanksgiving, According to Your Horoscope

As Thanksgiving approaches and family beefs that have been on ice for 11 months start to heat up, astrologer Aliza Kelly Faragher has your back. Here, the author of The Mixology of Astrology serves up coping strategies for every sign.
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retro illustration of family at table with astrology
aries zodiac sign illustration


Hotheaded Aries, you’re the warrior of the zodiac, but T-Day is not the time to call a relative out. Enjoy the banter, but avoid going nuclear on your mother about the state of your relationship by heading to bed early. Save the heart-to-hearts for the A.M.

taurus zodiac sign illustration


As an earth sign, you cope by giving your feelings a physical form. Around the holidays, that can mean cooking way too much. Put down the rolling pin for a second and try to reconnect with a family member from whom you’ve been distant. Awkwardness will subside once you let your guard down.

gemini zodiac sign illustration


Celebrate your gift of gab, Gem! Big family gatherings can be tense, so break the ice with your storytelling. Don’t get gossipy or play people off one another. Air signs are quick thinkers, so use that wit to make everyone feel #blessed.

cancer zodiac sign illustration


Every cancer has a nurturing side, and now is the time to embrace yours. Tote your signature stuffing or casserole to the main event—everyone loves your cooking! And when a competitive sibling (an Aries, maybe?) throws shade about the presentation, just let it roll off your back.

leo zodiac sign illustration


Leos are ruled by the sun, so you’re the go-to for a warm welcome. Even if you’re not hosting, put your leadership skills to use by organizing activities for other guests. How about a pre- or post-meal game of charades? You can act out your Leo drama queen without leaving collateral damage.

virgo zodiac sign illustration


It’s in your stars to be a perfectionist, but let’s channel that into something constructive. Instead of freaking out about how Uncle Bob (a libertarian) can’t possibly be seated next to Aunt Mary (an ultra-progressive), assign them jobs, like setting the table or dish duty, to distract from party politics.

libra zodiac sign illustration


You’re the zodiac’s diplomat, so it’s OK to play peacemaker and get in the middle of an argument. But if the fighters turn on you, walk away. Just because you’re a born mediator doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice yourself for the cause.

scorpio  zodiac sign illustration


You’ve grown a lot since last year, so let go of those grudges. Stir the pot, literally, by lending a helping hand with the cooking and you may find yourself connecting with someone unexpected.

sagittarius zodiac sign illustration


Bringing people together is your cosmic specialty, so just do you. Regale the crowd with tales from your latest travels. There’s no need to embellish; you’re more than enough. But why not bring along a dessert or dish to match your stories?

capricorn zodiac sign illustration


Put down the phone and be present. Those emails will be waiting for you when you get back to the office, so prioritize a little R and R. And remember, you may be Kind of a Big Deal on weekdays, but your relatives aren’t your assistants.

aquarius zodiac sign illustration


Don’t get too righteous this season. Sure, it’d be great if the dinner were a little more eco-friendly (are they really giving the kids plastic straws?!), but mid-feast is not the moment to raise concerns. Try to be empathetic—it’s a good look on you.

pisces zodiac sign illustration


As the last sign of the zodiac, you’re hypersensitive to conflict and easily overwhelmed by large groups. Don’t get lost in a holidaze, Pisces! Stay grounded by finding a couple of core folks to chill with instead of circulating. No one expects you to turn into Holly Golightly for a day. They love you just the way you are.