Impress your friends with an authentic Thai dinner.

By Rachael Ray Every Day
November 01, 2005
thai-It-Up pineapple spread

Invite your friends over for a Southeast Asian dinner party. Not feeling up for guests? With nearly the same ingredients, try this casual Weeknight Thai Dinner instead.


tips + how-tos

Thai dinner


The Low Down

Thai families traditionally dine at low tables. Drape a sarong or piece of colorful cloth over the living room coffee table and surround the table with pillows. As a centerpiece, fill a large glass bowl with water and float whole gerbera daisy heads or other flowers on top.

Tool Time

Thai diners use forks and spoons rather than forks and knives. Tie a fork and spoon together with twine, colorful raffia or ribbon, and place in the center of each plate.