Kitchen Fix: Inside our Test Kitchen Makeover

Come on in and see what's cookin' inside the Every Day with Rachael Ray test kitchen's renovation. Want more? Check out some of the cool new features and meet test kitchen staff in this behind-the-scenes video at the magazine »


The Every Day with Rachael Ray kitchen used to be an empty corner of our office and a scratch pad of great ideas.

now serving before


Now our dream kitchen has come to life and we're busy creating and testing recipes.

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Vinyl Stools

These vinyl stools ( are supercomfy for taste-testers, and easy to wipe clean.

now serving vinyl stools


We're big on pasta -- and our flexible High-Arc Faucet ( for dealers) makes filling the pot a cinch.

now serving faucet

Rolling Trash Bins

Our carpenter built in rolling trash bins. We can move them around, then hide them under the counter.

now serving rolling trash bin

Push Button Knobs

We keep potholders in reach with these handy pop-out push button knobs ( for dealers).

Now serving knobs

Bottom-up Solar Blinds

Bottom-Up Solar Blinds ( for dealers) let in plenty of light -- but not the direct sun.

now serving blinds

Mini Fridge

We store drink ingredients under the counter in a Mini Fridge (, for quick access while testing.

now serving mini fridge

"Super Erecta" Shelving

We turned "Super Erecta" Shelving ( on its side to form a hanging rack for pans.

now serving shelving

Folding Step Stools

Collapsible Folding Step Stools ( for dealers) stow neatly under drawers.

now serving step stools

Slide-out Shelves

These Slide-out Shelves ( for dealers) make full use of corner storage spaces.

now serving slideout shelves

Chrome Metal Minilights

Under-counter Chrome Metal Minilights ( keep workspaces bright.

now serving mini lights