You know it's football season when the foam noodles get traded for foam fingers, and sunblock is traded for face paint. Here at Every Day with Rachael Ray, we may not all agree on what team will make it to the Super Bowl, but we do agree on one thing: Come Sunday, tailgating is a must. We've gathered the best recipes, cooking and hosting ideas and clean up tips to make your tailgate the best in the parking lot.

1. Get Your Grill On

Let's face it, you can't host a proper tailgate without some grilled goodies. But getting an entire grill over to the stadium may seem like a hassle. In order to ease your grill troubles, pick up one of these affordable, yet sturdy portable grills for your next tailgate.

2. Cater to the Crowd

While you're cooking in a parking lot is not the time to experiment with crazy ingredients or time-consuming recipes. Make 2 to 3 crowd-pleasing finger foods (items that require just one hand!) or items you can eat with a spoon. Don't forget dessert and drinks! Here are some of our faves:


3. Be the Host(ess) with the Most(est)

Tailgating can start pretty early in the a.m., so make sure you bring activities to keep people awake and energetic. As a true ode to fall sports, we love this Striped Corn Hole set. You can even get it custom made with your team's colors!

4. Make Clean-Up a Breeze


Don't spend the entire tailgate (or game) worrying about the clean-up. Bring plenty of garbage bags, hand sanitizer and cooking utensils that can be easily stored until they make it home. This five-piece barbeque set comes with a carrying case, so you won't have to worry about stains.


At the end of the day, it's about being with friends and family and enjoying the big game. Everything else will fall into place!

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