When we're prepping and chopping veggies, we always run into those stems and ends that seem to be of no use. But the parts you throw away can be as good -- and good for you -- as the ones you don't!

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Taste like: Peppery parsley

How to use them: Chop them and sprinkle on soups, salads or grilled meats as a garnish, or perk up your pesto by using them in place of basil.


Taste like: Broccoli, only milder, with a subtle cabbage flavor

How to use them: Add crunch to salads and stir-fries with chopped raw stems, or slow-cook them in soup or tomato sauce to bring out their sweet flavor.

(Bottom Right) RADISH GREENS

Taste like: A more pungent version of Swiss chard or spinach

How to use them: Sautee them with garlic and EVOO for a simple side; stir the greens into pasta until wilted; tuck them raw into grilled cheese sandwiches; or use them as a raw or cooked pizza topping.


Taste like: Concentrated Celery

How to use them: Sprinkle them into salads, or add them to chicken soup for a deep, vegetal flavor.

Written by: Marcia Simmons; Photography by: Avery Powell

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