If you just use your food processor to chop stuff up, you're not getting your money's worth from that pricey appliance! Dig these disks out of the drawer to make short work of tedious kitchen tasks.

french-fry disk

French-Fry Disk

The zigzag cuts in this disk turn a potato into square sticks in a flash. And don't limit yourself to potatoes. Give parsnips or even beets a french-fry try!

slicing disk

Slicing Disk

Same-size slices equal even cooking, so this is your must-have attachment for cutting up vegetables for casseroles or fruit for pies. Some machines have adjustable disks, letting you customize thickness.

julienne disk

Julienne Disk

Stir fries cook up in a flash, but all that chopping can take forever. This julienne disk has twice the teeth of a french-fry disk and whips out perfect matchstick-shaped pieces at warp speed.

shredding disk

Shredding Disk

Retire your box grater--and save your knuckles! This tiny shredding holes work their magic, turning chunks of cheese into uniform shreds and carrots and cabbage into almost-instant slaw.

By Nina Elder

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