We're three days into #TBT month, and it's already been full of laughs, fun and nostalgia. We got a peek at what Rach, John and Michael Symon looked like as kiddos and OMG weren't they adorable?!

Rach tbt

 Rachael Ray

John C tbt

John Cusimano

Michael Symon tbt

Michael Symon

If you didn't get a chance to see The Rachael Ray Show this morning, it was all things #TBT, featuring our April cover story stars and Rach's closest pals: Michael Symon, Adam Perry Lang, Sunny Anderson, Katie Lee, Michael Schlow and of course, her hubby John. Each celeb chef whipped up their throwback recipe from our story as the audience ooh-ed and ahh-ed over Michael Symon's mouthwatering meatballs, Adam's peppery potato chip-crusted chicken (Rach calls it "PCC"), Katie's comforting beef stroganoff and more. It was an hour filled with delicious recipes, laughter and fun. Get all the chefs' recipes here!