Surprise! That closet full of stuff is the beginning of a fabulous get-together. Just set your prices, whip up a few bites, and invite everyone you know to visit the neighborhood's hottest new shopping destination: your driveway.

tag party

Think of a tag sale as an opportunity to get together with friends, meet new ones, share some tasty snacks and make a little cash.


tips + how-tos

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Put It All Out
 Assess ruthlessly what to keep and what to sell. Even sentimental items can go. "It's amazing how you can think you're attached to something, then it's gone and it never crosses your mind again," Demby says. If you're on the fence about keeping something, it'll probably sell. 

Create a Pile o' Bargains
 Trying to get rid of random stuff? Arrange like items into attractive piles and put unrelated items in bins. "People love picking through stuff and feeling like they're going to discover something," Demby says. Use signs to play up bargains ("CDs for $1!" "All linens $2!"), and watch the small deals add up.

Rack Up Big Sales
 For your big-ticket items, set up to impress. Make sure quality items are set apart, in an eye-catching display with prices clearly marked. "If you have two nice things in with 20 rusty things, you're going to have a hard time getting more than $2 for your nice things," Demby says. For clothing, appearance counts, so get a rack. "If you lay clothes on the ground, people think they're garbage," he says.

Be Bold with Prices
 Start at double what you actually want to get -- it's not uncommon for tag-sale buyers to offer half price straight out. "You're building in a discount, so people feel like they're getting this insane deal and that they're good negotiators," Demby says. And, he adds, people love bundles of things: "It's like, 'I'm getting this whole set for $5!'" Group together logical items, like teacups or linens.

 The average amount a one-day tag-sale host can expect to make Source: