Sutton Foster Makes Rach's Frito Frittata

Sutton Foster returns in the fourth season of TV Land’s Younger, playing a 40-something mom pretending to be a career obsessed 20-something. Turns out she can pass herself off as a cook, too!
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sutton foster frito frittata

The Challenge: Frito Frittata

frito frittata prep

“My kitchen skills are much better than they used to be, but I’m still learning.”

frito frittata cooking

“Breakfast is my favorite meal. I always wake up hungry, and I eat eggs every day.”

foster feeding dogs

“Brody and Mabel hang near me anywhere I go inside the house, especially the kitchen. If they’re lucky, I’ll give them a taste of what I’m making.” 

frito frittata serving

“I added avocados because I love them with eggs.” 

“I was nervous about how the Fritos would be in the dish, but they added a fun crunch! I will absolutely make it again.”