Susie Essman

HBO's <em>Curb Your Enthusiasm</em> star fesses up about her kitchen skills.
Susie Essman

Rachael Ray: Thanks for showing us your fridge -- I'm a huge, huge, huge fan of yours.

Susie Essman: Oh, thank you. And I of you.

RR: I love that you have food in there that you made for your dog -- I cook for my dog, too. What did you make for him?

SE: I take this all-natural dog food from Dr. Harvey's -- it's a mix of freeze-dried brown rice, broccoli and beets -- and I simmer it in water. Then I add turkey or chicken and sauté it.

RR: That sounds fabulous.

SE: He goes crazy for it. But you have to realize, that's the only cooking I do. I cook for my dog.

RR: I find that adorable. So, your boyfriend cooks for you?

SE: Well, he used to make junk, but now I've got him on broccoli and tofu. He just made these delicious eggs with olives and tomatoes and cheese. I tried to cook stuffing one Thanksgiving but completely screwed it up. It came out so dry.

RR: You know, you could just douse it with some vegetable or chicken stock, put it back in the oven and crisp it on top.

SE: That's easy for you to say, Rachael!

RR: There's not a ton of food there -- you must be very fit.

SE: No, I've been traveling a lot. This is my Manhattan fridge. In my refrigerator upstate, near Albany [New York], there's a lot more food, because that's where the kids are.

RR: That's fabulous -- I used to teach 30-Minute Meals at the Price Chopper up there! I had a little demo cooking cart.

SE: I have a Price Chopper discount card! In the city, I shop at a farmers' market nearby. I buy whatever's in season.

RR: Food does taste different when you get it from the farmers' market. It's like, Oh my god, that's what broccoli's supposed to taste like! And I know you haven't had meat in nearly 30 years. When you entertain, do you make two separate meals?

SE: I eat fish, so we'll usually make fish and vegetables. You have to know your audience. I mean, I kind of feel like people should eat my way. They'd be better off anyway!

RR: They would be. So for this fish-and-veggie meal, if you could have anybody over for supper -- someone you don't already know -- who would you invite?

SE: Oh, it has to be somebody I don't know, huh? Because I was going to say Larry David.

RR: Oh, yeah, we'd all have Larry David over!

SE: Hmm, well, then I would have Bill Clinton. For him, I'd make something totally decadent -- like a po'boy.


1. Susie's Curb Your Enthusiasm character is known for:

A. Singing

B. Drinking

C. Cursing

2. If Susie could have anyone over for dinner, who would it be?

A. Larry David

B. Stephen Colbert

C. Bill Clinton

3. What baseball team does Susie root for?

A. New York Yankees

B. Kansas City Royals

C. Baltimore Orioles

Answers: 1. C 2. A and C 3. A