The Oscar-winning actress shows us a fridge for a good cause.

By Rachael Ray Every Day
November 01, 2005
Susan Sarandon

Rachael Ray: So this is a first -- a refrigerated truck as our celeb fridge! It belongs to City Harvest, a fantastic organization you work with that rescues fresh produce, meats and bread from New York City restaurants and markets.

Susan Sarandon: That's right. I was born in the city, and nothing gets me crazier than thinking about the number of working poor here -- especially moms stretching to take care of their kids. And I can't stand to see anything go to waste.

RR: Absolutely.

SS: Even in my own fridge, if I see things going bad, it kills me. I recycle clothing, furniture, anything. So between being a New Yorker and a mom, supporting City Harvest seems natural.

RR: Have your kids become involved?

SS: They have -- they do volunteer work, too. One reason I'm such a die-hard New Yorker is that kids here see how other people live -- as opposed to a place like L.A., where you've got a great house and you're behind a gate.

RR: Right. I think it's possible to protect kids too much.

SS: It's true. I've served in soup kitchens, and it struck me to see kids who didn't recognize vegetables sweet potatoes, green beans, even pumpkin pie. City Harvest rescues produce and gets it into neighborhoods that need it.

RR: That's fantastic. We just started a charity called the Yum-o Organization -- it's all about empowering moms, dads and kids with great, nutritious recipes. Many parents don't know how to cook because they're working two or three jobs.

SS: That's what I like about your recipes -- they're very fast, really yummy, fresh, and the nutrients are still there.

RR: Oh, thank you. So what's Thanksgiving like in your house?

SS: We have a strong Thanksgiving tradition with our neighbors up in the country -- we have about 20 guests, and people play hockey. I really do love it.

RR: What's your favorite leftover?

SS: Stuffing, definitely. I make a really simple one -- I've made it in so many places over the years, even trailers on location -- it's just celery, onions and apples.

RR: Me too! I can't believe we share the same stuffing.

SS: Somebody else might try to make something a little more exotic, but my kids always just want the stuffing.


1. How many pounds of food did City Harvest Rescue this year?

A. 20,000

B. 200,000

C. 20 million

2. Which celeb has been a guest at Susan's Thanksgiving dinner?

A. Madonna

B. Ralph Fiennes

C. Bill Clinton

3. Which film did Susan win an Oscar for?

A. Thelma & Louise

B. Dead Man Walking

C. Lorenzo's Oil

Answers: 1. C 2. B 3. B