Eating, drinking and making merry outside? What you want from your sunscreen-- beyond broad-spectrum protection and an SPF of at least 30-- is a scent that won't compete with food and a formula that won't leave your hands too goopy to snack. We found six products that fit both bills, and work extra well for the fiestas below-- though a few tubes can easily cross party lines!

Beach Party


No matter how fab the cooler contents, you'll want swim breaks. So water resistance is as key as clean hands. Try Coppertone ClearlySheer Beach & Pool Spray SPF 50 (left) ($10; at drugstores).

If you like to rub in a lotion to be sure you're covering every inch of your skin, try unscented, nongreasy Ocean Potion Protect & Renew Body SPF 45 (right) ($9; at drugstores).


screen 2

Spreading your blanket in a place prone to pests? Try Avon Skin-So-Soft Bug Guard Plau Insect Repellent SPF 30 (left). It's a strong repellent with a light scent ($14;

When uninvited guests aren't a problem, Kiss My Face Bare Baked Air-Powered Body Mists SPF 30 (right) sprays on scentlessly to keep your palms picnic-pristine ($16;


screen 3

Especially good for reapplications, Brush on Block SPF 30 (left), a powder-dispensing brush, is also a protection-packed way to take down any T-zone shine ($30;

Easy to swipe Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Stick SPF 70 (right) leaves your hands dry, and stays put during even the longest and hottest shift manning the grill ($10; at drugstores).

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