Summer, summer, summertime is officially here—time to sit back and unwind in a home appropriately decked out for the season.

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Turn up the color

Let the world outside your window inspire you—gone are the muted grays of the winter sky and the orangey-browns of the fallen leaves. Now, the sun, nestled in an airy blue yonder, is streaming across your green lawn, encouraging flowers of all hues to blossom and grow. Adding pops of color to your decor is a simple way to get that same summer feel inside your home, says Washington, D.C.-based freelance interior designer Kalila Wise, who's worked with the Kennedy Center, Crate & Barrel, and the local firm Unparallelled Eye Designs. "I really feel for summer anything that's really vibrant and almost tropical … I think pops of color in accessories like pillows or vases or even wall art is a fun, easy way to just add summer vibes inside." Taking a trip? Snap full-color photos of your adventures, print them out, frame the memories, and hang them for all to see, she suggests.

Swap out your bedding 

With the rise in temps, that fleece comforter is no longer a go. Instead, opt for lighter fabrics, such as cotton- or linen-blend blankets paired with a sheet. Not only does this keep you from feeling too hot while you're sleeping, but it also removes the heaviness of your bedroom's overall look and feel.

Recreate that beach house ambiance

A summer escape that doesn't involve bumper-to-bumper beach traffic? Yes, please! Transform your space into a mini getaway by incorporating characteristics of your favorite seaside stays. "[Beach houses] have this whitewashed kind of look," says Wise. "You can add a white wood accent of a picture frame or other kind of wall art." White wood vases and ottomans also help give your décor coastal resort vibes.

Let the sun shine in

Longer days mean more daylight, so "open your windows. Open the curtains. Use the natural light as much as you can," suggests Wise. Doing so uplifts the mood of your space, as well as your personal mood by increasing levels of serotonin (AKA the "happy" or "feel-good" chemical) in your brain. "Natural lighting is just a way to feel like you're outside, even when you're inside. It makes you really feel like the season is in your home … it gives you an added cheer."

Go green

Summertime and freshness go hand in hand, and there's no better way to maintain a clean, airy atmosphere than with a dash of foliage here and there. While lovely to look at, live plants also provide added benefits, such as emitting oxygen into the air and drawing carbon dioxide out of the air. And if caring for living flora isn't your thing, pick up a few artificial plants. Studies show that merely looking at greenery can boost your mood.

The takeaway

No matter what you choose to do to summer-ize your dwelling, remember this: "It's important to know that even in interior design or interior decorating, there are these quote-unquote rules, but I feel like you have to live for yourself because you want your space to represent you," Wise says. "You shouldn't feel like you can't do something because it may not necessarily be the thing that's 'in' … it's about [updating] your space to make it comfortable for the season, but also be true to who you are."