Carry the torch in your very own backyard by throwing a summer Olympics-inspired party! With a few tricks, your get-together will be so action-packed it'll deserve its own opening ceremonies.

Let the Games Begin!

Whether your gang is made up of sporty types or sideliners, this fun-for-all lawn party will spark friendly competition with fun games, score points for great food and make you a gold-medal host.

Summer Olympics party

Set the Scene

Start with the food: Serve snacks on cake stands of varying heights to mimic the first-, second- and third-place pedestals on which athletes receive their medals. Bonus points if you use gold, silver and bronze stands.

Serve the food

Let the Music Play

Create an upbeat playlist of international tunes, like French oldie "Zou Bisou Bisou" by Gillian Hills and India's "Jai Ho" by A.R. Rahman. Don't forget to download some national anthems; you can play the song of the "winning country" during the awards ceremony.

Party playlist

Serve a "Perfect 10" Menu

Stand out as the host with the most by serving super festive food and drink!

Summer Olympics Party Menu

Fiery Torch Cocktails

These colorful drinks take on a flamelike look when poured in layers. For the best flavor, give them a stir before sipping!

Sparkling Pomegranate Sangria Mocktail

Olympic Onion Rings

Take the iconic Olympic rings to a whole new level of fried delight! Tip: For a quick dipping sauce, stir a generous pinch of curry powder and a dollop of ketchup into mayonnaise.

Olympic Onion Rings

Photo-Finish Pork Sliders

Serve these sandwiches with an international toppings bar: greek yogurt, dijon mustard, hot chinese mustard, mango chutney, jarred kimchi, sliced canadian bacon, swiss cheese and sliced pickled jalapenños.

Photo-Finish Pork Sliders

Host Your Own Games

Turn your backyard into an Olympic competition. First, outfit the athletes. Lay out a stash of small fabric or paper flags and a dish of safety pins. To designate teams, players can attach flags to their shirts.

Athlete outfits

Keep Score!

Make sets of number and symbol cards so guests can playfully rate everything from team spirit to actual performances!

Score cards

Wave the Flags

Scatter mini flags and pennants on the table so guests can cheer while chowing!

Country flags


It's darts meets archery! First, cover hula-hoops in colored crepe paper to mimic the rings. Then, on the grass, overlap five hula-hoops into the formation of the Olympic rings. Each player gets four darts, which they launch at the rings -- each worth a different point value -- from 15 feet away.


Bonker Bocce

Before trying to get their balls as close as possible to the pallino (the small white ball), teams must first draw out of a hat directives that instruct them how to make their tosses: between the legs, chucked over the shoulder or with eyes closed.

Bonker Bocce

Bumper Croquet

Get creative designing a course full of hazards like rings of rocks, tunnels, sand traps and even water trenches. Then place the wickets strategically in or around the obstacles.

Bumper Croquet

Taste the Victory

Give people something to really brag about! After tallying up points, award first-place winners champagne, second-place winners wine and third-place winners beer.

Taste the victory

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