Summer + Winter S.O.S.

Hot and bothered? Cold and dry? Don't be. We show you how to survive the extreme winter and summer weather.
summer SOS

Hot and bothered? Don't be. Rach's buddy Gretta Monahan shows us how to sizzle from now through Labor Day.

Q: I don't have time to get a pedicure. Do you have any tricks for making my feet sandal-ready?
A: You're just 10 minutes away from some happy feet! First, massage cuticle oil (baby oil or olive oil will work) onto the skin around your nails. This will smooth out the dry white skin at the nail bed. Then, trim or file your nails -- I think square-shaped with rounded edges looks neatest. Finally, apply one coat of nude or light pink polish to make nails shine and even out any discoloration.

Q: Help! I have a raccoon tan from wearing sunglasses at the beach! What’s the best way to cover the lines?
A: It's all about subtle camouflage. First, apply a tinted moisturizer all over your face -- the pale areas will pick up the pigment more dramatically and lessen the contrast. After it dries, dab a makeup brush into a matte, pressed-powder bronzer and tap it gently over your tan lines to blend. (I've done this on my shoulders and chest, too.)

Q: I own a sarong but never use it. How do you tie the darn thing?
A: Here's a chic and easy way to tie one on: Wrap it around your back (like you'd wrap a towel after a bath). Bring the top corners around to the front and cross them, then pull them around your neck and tie them in the back.

Q: Between too much sun and window-down driving, my hair is a dry, knotty mess. What are some good smoothing tips?
A: Take a cue from Jackie O and Grace Kelly: Pull your hair into a low ponytail, then keep it in check with a silk scarf (tie it at the base of the hairline) or a thin, stretchy loop headband. In salty air, go with a bun. It controls flyaways and prevents tangles.

Gretta's Top 5 Summer Skin Tips
Pat burned areas with a cold washcloth (put a damp one in the freezer for 15 minutes). Or keep a bottle of aloe vera in the fridge and rub it on to cool skin.

Peeling Skin
Help it along in the shower: Use a damp towel or washcloth to gently exfoliate the peeling area, then moisturize to help prevent more flaking.

Bug Bites
Cover bare ankles and wrists with bug spray, cotton pants and a light jacket at night. Use ice to relieve itchy bites and dab concealer on unbroken skin.

Shiny Skin
Switch to an oil-free moisturizer. If your face is still a high-shine zone, blotting papers and pressed powder will help control excess in a pinch.

Razor Burn
Blocked hair follicles are usually to blame. Exfoliate skin with a fine-grit scrub between shaves. Use gentle pressure in circles.

Your go-to warming tactics for winter could be doing you more harm than good. We found better ways to combat the cold weather.

Are you...taking long, hot showers?
Anything longer than 10 minutes will dry the heck out of your skin. Instead, take a warm shower (or, better yet, a bath). Once out of the tub, moisturize within three minutes -- it's when skin is most absorbent.

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Are you...eating everything in sight? Indulge other senses for a more satisfactory experience. Busy hands with baking -- especially a recipe that contains cinnamon. Measuring and mixing will derail cravings for a bit, and the cinnamon aroma is proven to boost alertness (read: propel you out of groggy overeating mode).

Feel better with sneaky spices

Are you...sipping red wine? Wine makes you feel flush but can actually steal heat from the body. Have a cup of creamy hot cocoa with just a splash of peppermint schnapps instead: It's more filling and warming, and peppermint has been shown to boost energy and sharpen concentration.

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