Faves Tip: When cleaning jewelry made of a mix of materials, use only a soft cloth -- no water or solution.


Panther Pendant Necklace

Rach says: "The cat's out of the bag: A Panther Pendant Necklace (5/8") will show off your wild side."

panther necklace

Buji Baja Canvas Tote

Rach says: "Always trying to squeeze one more thing into your purse? A Buji Baja Canvas Tote easily holds all your favorite items."
 $75, 516-364-7050

canvas tote

Cashmere Peacock Scarf

Rach says: "Go sophisticated: Knot a Cashmere Peacock Scarf behind your neck and let it drape in front."
 $180, 215-933-6803 for stores

peacock scarf

Civil Smith Cotton V-neck T-shirt and Distressed Jeans

Rach says: "Elevate his weekend wardrobe with a supercomfy Civil Smith Cotton V-neck T-shirt and Distressed Jeans."
 T-shirt: $50, 732-530-3334
 Jeans: $180, 512-373-7824

t-shirt and jeans

Skull Driver Cap

Rach says: "Your little guy will look bad to the bone when he's wearing a Skull Driver Cap."

stripped cap

Nicole Apostoli Branch Earrings

Rach says: "Sterling silver Nicole Apostoli Branch Earrings are detailed enough to be interesting, but won't compete with your outfit."

silver earrings

Vintage Havana Crochet Dress

Rach says: "My go-to outfit this month: a Vintage Havana Crochet Dress with flat boots and gold bangles."
 $59, 718-627-3540

crochet dress

Owl Handbags

Rach says: "'Hoo' knew? These Owl Handbags are handmade of leather."
 $62 to 78 each,

owl handbag

Butch Sunreader Sunglasses

Rach says: "The translucent frames on these Butch Sunreader Sunglasses flatter any skin tone."


Del Rey Ebony Leather Sailing Loafers

Rach says: "When his sneakers are too casual and his wingtips too dressy, try these Del Rey Ebony Leather Sailing Loafers."

men's suede loafers