Faves Tip: When trying on clothes at the store, bend, twist and reach up to test the comfort level.

Block Headwear "Abingdon" Men's Fedora

Rach says: "Heads up: This straw linen Block Headwear "Abingdon" Men's Fedora comes in blue, black, or brown trim"

White Fedora

Appaman Monkey Football Jersey

Rach says: 'This vintage black Appaman Monkey Football Jersey is sure to become your little guy's favorite shirt."

appaman monkey t-shirt

Naughty Monkey Deco-Style Sandles

Rach says: "All you need to add to these pretty Naughty Monkey Deco-Style Sandles? The perfect summer pedicure, of course!"

gold sandals

Ella Moss Navy and White "Hyde" Cotton Henley

Rach says: "Line up! Show off your nautical stripes in a long-sleeve Ella Moss Navy and White 'Hyde' Cotton Henley."

Instant Buttons

Rach says: "Reusable Instant Buttons cinch or extend your denim waistband up to one and a half sizes, without alteration."
 $15 for 2,

instant buttons

Logan Slim Leg Cotton Pants

Rach says: "The button tabs at the cuffs of the Logan Slim Leg Cotton Pants make them perfect for pairing with a sexy pair of heels."

Logan pants

Deux Lux Pipette Leather Drawstring Bag

Rach says: "Make a statement without saying a word while carrying a Deux Lux Pipette Leather Drawstring Bag."

Deux lux handbag

Blinde "Case Closed" Sunglasses!

Rach says: "You'll have some serious specs appeal if you're rocking Blinde 'Case Closed' Sunglasses!"
 $285, 800-647-2345 for stores

blinde sunglasses

Bardot Silver Spiral Bangle

Rach says: "This captured our hearts: The striking Bardot Silver Spiral Bangle fits every wrist size."

Bardot bangle

Rasta Wombat Men's Green Shoes

Rach says: "Super-comfy Rasta Wombat Men's Green Shoes are made using recycled car tires and sustainable hemp, latex and cork."

rasta shoes

Trinity Necklace

Rach says: "A leather and bead Trinity Necklace is the perfect low-key accessory on a T-shirt-and-jeans kind of day!"

trinity necklace