When it comes to dessert, we can't help packing our sweets with more treats. Our genius fun-filled cookies -- bursting with candies, jam and other goodies -- will make this holiday twice as nice.


Fill 'em with lemony Frosting

Guests will go gaga when they bite into two coconutty snowflakes sandwiching a tangy citrus icing (opposite). For a snowy homage, dunk each cookie in shredded sweetened coconut just after stuffing.

cookie 1

Stick a Peppermint Patty Surprise Inside

Chill out with a one-two punch of chocolate and peppermint. Here, a soft chocolate cookie surrounds a cooling, minty center. A white chocolate drizzle and a sprinkling of chopped peppermint candy dress up the sweet for the holidays.

cookie 2

Fold up Some Cheesecake and Jam

These sassy, sparkly turnovers are stuffed with an ooey-gooey combo of rich cream cheese and tangy apricot preserves.

cookie 3

Melt a Marshmallow In the Middle

Who needs a mug? One bite of these hot cocoa cookies will warm you right up. For a decadent soft chocolate center and molten marshmallow topping, serve these treats fresh from the oven.

cookie 4

Hide Sour Cherries in the Center

Crunch through the sweet, crisp meringue to discover the sour cherry surprise inside. The chewy red jewels and snowy white shells make for an especially festive finale.

cookie 5

Pack in a Peanut Butter Cup

These spiced bites will be the talk of the season. The punch of the ginger is mellowed out by the luscious chocolate-peanutbutter chunk that's hiding in the middle.

cookie 6