If the tool's not here, it's not worth your time.

By Rachael Ray Every Day
November 01, 2005

1. Garnishes
Lemon and lime slices, olives and mint sprigs.

2. Muddler
This is for crushing ingredients, like the mint in mojitos.

3. Shaker
The cobbler shaker -- a three-piece number with built-in strainer -- will do.

4. Mixing Glass
Get one with measured lines.

5. Jigger
Measure just the right amount of liquor.

6. Cocktail Napkins
The more colorful, the better.

7. Bottle Opener
Don't you have like four of these anyway?

8. Highball Glasses
Use for most cocktails and sodas.

9. Martini Glasses
Since they're only big enough to hold a little liquid, each sip stays as cold as it should be.

10. Wine Glasses
Their shape lets wine aerate, so you can breathe in the aroma before sipping. They can also do double duty for frozen drinks.

11. Old-Fashioned (or "rocks glasses")
Pair with drinks ordered "on the rocks." Their short, wide design leaves plenty of room for ice.