Stephen Moyer

Rach goes behind the scenes of HBO's <em>True Blood</em> for an interview with a (very hungry) vampire.
Stephen Moyer

Rachael Ray: Thanks for letting us into your trailer, Stephen. Looks like a cool place to hang out between scenes. So, I see jam, chutney and Marmite in your fridge. Are they your go-to snacks?

Stephen Moyer: Yeah, Marmite is my little English touch, and I'm crazy for chutneys. When I find good ones, I buy two -- one goes home and one comes here. In London I had pear trees in my back garden, so I'd make my own pear and green tomato chutney.

RR: Sounds delish! Can you share the recipe?

SM: It was more like a classic savory marmalade, but it was so good. I added raisins, brown sugar and vinegar and just boiled it for hours and hours until it was nice and sticky. I served it with cheese, ham and bread. Wow, talking about it has made me quite hungry. I'm reaching for the jar as we speak.

RR: Eating is always encouraged when you're around me. So who cooks at home -- you or your fiancée, Anna Paquin?

SM: We both take it on, actually, which is great. When my daughter is staying with us, we cook and eat dinner together every night around 6 p.m. I didn't really do that when I lived in England, but people eat earlier in America, and I like it.

RR: What do you miss most from your days in London?

SM: Curry! Anna loves Indian food as well, so we've been searching for a good restaurant, but they can't compare to the ones in the U.K. In California, we've got great Thai restuarants, and Mexican, of course. There is a roadside Mexican place nearby, and they do a killer shrimp burrito with avocado and cilantro. Now I'm really getting hungry. I'm going in for more chutney.

RR: Do they feed you over there, Stephen?

SM: We have crazy filming hours, so my clock is a bit off. And I just shot a nudie scene for the third season of True Blood, and when I have those, I don't eat for, like, 13 days beforehand. That's probably why I can't stop eating now. I just got back from the farmers' market and basically bought out the entire place.

RR: I'm the same way: I could spend hours, shopping around the farmers' market. Now tell me about the little lady in your fridge.

SM: That's Grammy Pickles. She goes everywhere with me, and I photograph her in different situations. Since I'm doing this story with you, I decided she needed a spot in the fridge.

RR: Glad you could both be in the magazine! Aside from Grammy Pickles, who would you invite to your dream dinner party?

SM: Well, after Anna, I'd ask Jack Kerouac to read poetry out loud and Thelonious Monk to play piano. I'd also want somebody to sing...let's go with Sarah Vaughan.

RR: Weren't you in a band when you were younger? You could sing!

SM: Yes, I was in a band, but I'm not singing. I'm eating.