Our staffers got snap happy and shared their photos...


Harry Paw-ter

My sister-in-law Kristine's dog Elliott dressed up as Harry Paw-ter last year for Halloween. He was a huge hit with the kids in the neighborhood!
 -- Kirsten Larsen, Account Manager


Dinosaur (Sweater) Costume

My dog Zero, an 11-year-old Jack Russell pit bull mix, refuses to wear a proper pet costume. He does, however, get very excited when we bring out the kids' sweater my boyfriend bought him at a thrift store. It fits him perfectly!
 -- Nina Elder, Senior Food Editor


Peeved Pumpkin

I had to smile at my friend Laura's cat Sequel, tricked out as what I'm calling The Peeved Pumpkin.
 --Lauren Purcell, Editor-in-Chief 


Doggy Royalty

This supercute dog was dressed up like doggy royalty! I can't believe he kept the hat on. What a good pup!
 --Judith Pena, Assistant to the Editor-in-Chief

Doggy Royalty

You're Fired

This was just a costume fitting, but something tells me that my cat, Ptolemy, 4, isn't very happy about dressing up as Donald Trump. Or he's just working on his best "You're fired!" face!
 -- Stephanie Thompson, Production Manager


Keeping Gotham Safe

Dun-dun-dun-dun Batman! Who wouldn't want my 2-year-old, Goldendoodle Oliver coming to the rescue?
 -- Melissa Grimes, Sales Assistant 


Scary Serra

My cat, Serra, 1, refuses to dress in costume, but she looks spooky enough just hidden behind this curtain!
 -- Elliot Stokes, Designer


Puppy Police

Watch out! This park is watched over by the Puppy Police! Be careful, because this pup's even got handcuffs!

Puppy Police

Bulldog Bee

How cute! I couldn't stop buzzing over my best friend Nicole's 4-year-old bulldog, Mason, dressed up as a bumble bee.
 -- Lauren Volpe, Associate Merchandising Manager


Small dog, Big Attitude

I am the proud new mom of Keegan. He's a cocker spaniel puppy with a bit of an attitude -- this shirt is so fitting for him!
 -- Michelle Butler-Mingey, Account Director


Howdy, Sheriff!

You better be on your best behavior because there's a new Sheriff in town.


Puppy Prison

This poor puppy must have been caught misbehavin' by the Puppy Police! Don't worry though, he's too cute to stay "behind bars" for long!

Puppy Prisoner

Henry the Bee

My five-year-old Boston Terrier, Henry, loves wearing his bee costume! I should be much more ashamed to share this than I am.
 -- Jaime Hollander, Merchandising Director



My one-year-old cat, Serra, wouldn't wear this little dog mask, so she wore it around her neck instead!
 -- Elliot Stokes, Designer 



You may need to look twice because this isn't a turtle, but a puppy at a local puppy parade.


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