Throw a costume party with a cool new spin: mustache madness! The 'stache is the world's easiest costume because it's instant: when the adhesive meets the skin, all kinds of crazy mood morphing follows! Explore our party plan and get our entire entertaining kit, including invitations, games and our mustache menu!

Mustache Madness

With all due respect to comic-book heroes, pirates and Hogwarts alumni, why not grant them a sabbatical this Halloween?

Stache Bash


We've done all the work for you! Download our invite templates, print and fill out to get your whole group together for one 'stache of a bash!


Hair's to You

Mustachioed straws let everyone try out a new look with each refill! Download our mustache silhouettes and cut the shapes from black cardstock. Then punch a hole in the center of each and slide in a bendable straw.

Stache Bash End

Satisfying Sips

Now that you've got your stylish 'stache straw, you've gotta sip on our Pom Selleck! It's our punny cocktail full of pomegranate juice, vodka, triple sec, lime and seltzer.

The Pom Selleck

Curly Cues

In case anyone leaves home without their little costume (or wants to swap mid-party!), make a bunch of extra 'staches on sticks.

Mustache sticks

Stache-tastic Setting

Set the scene with flavor savor-themed food cards! We've got templates for all the recipes on our menu, plus blank ones to fill in with your own personal fave dishes!

food cards

Endive "Beards" with Shaved Pecorino

Shave off the work with this easy-to-put-together app on an endive leaf!


Stubbled Sausage Bites

Stubble is definitely a good thing when it comes to this small but satisfying bites for partygoers.

Stubbled Sausage Bites

Goat-Tea Sandwiches

This Goat-Tea Sandwich is super cheesy -- in a good.

Goat-Tea Sandwiches

Mustache Cookie Pops

To keep with the 'stache-on-a-stick theme, here's a treat that will trick your upper lip into thinking it has a mouth brow!

Mustache Cookie Pops

Frame Game!

Entertain guests with our "Name That 'Stache" challenge. Hang a bunch of famous upper lips on the wall alongside a list of names, then ask everyone to identify which celebrity wears which whiskers. (Here's where all those Magnum, P.I. reruns come in handy!) Download all the materials below!

Name that ‘stache game

Fun Favors

Party over? Leave a basket of cute gifts for guests to grab as they exit the party. For one-stop shopping, check out our favorite 'stache-themed gifts

Talking Mustache Key Ring