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DIY Easy Upgrade: Spray Paint Your Stuff

Bored with your stuff? Make it a crafternoon with these DIY Easy Upgrade Spray Paint Your Stuff projects.

Colorful Soles

Clean the bottom of the soles with alcohol and a cotton ball. Using painter's tape, completely cover any parts of the shoes that you don't want to color. Apply a thin layer of primer to the bottom of each shoe, prop the heels upside down on a shoe rack and let dry. Spray a thin coat of glossy color onto the soles. Wait about 30 minutes for the first layer to dry, then repeat. Once both coats are dry, remove the painter's tape.

For a twist on the classic pump...a black pump with a purple sole.
For a dazzling pop of color...a metallic heel with a teal sole .
For a sweet hint of hue...a nude shoe with a hot pink sole.

Paint Tip #1: Avoid a prime crime.
To get a deeply saturated, opaque look, use a gray primer before applying dark-colored spray paints. Stick to a white primer if you're using light, neutral or pastel hues.

Show off your soles

Upgrade Wooden Utensils

Use a degreasing wood cleaner to make handles squeaky-clean. Rub the handle with steel wool to remove splinters, then apply painter's tape to the metal parts. Spray enamel primer all over and let dry. Follow with two coats of high-gloss spray paint.

Paint Tip #2: Do away with dust.
To prevent a dusty, mottled color, rub a rag all over the object right before spray-painting.

Upgrade Wooden Utensils

Perk Up Pillows

Using fabric spray paint (which will dry soft, not stiff), spray an upholstered pillow in a continuous side-to- side motion. Let stand for about an hour before adding another coat of color.

Paint Tip #3: Apply Yourself.
Put cans in a bowl of lukewarm water for 10 to 15 minutes before spraying to thin the paint, then shake for 30 seconds for a smooth application.

Perk Up Pillows

Jazz up Jars

Completely cover the outside of a mason jar with painter's tape. While rotating the glass in your hands, spray the inside with white spray paint. (You may want to wear gloves for this.) Let dry, then repeat with a layer of high-shine color. Once dry, remove the tape and drop a votive or battery-operated light inside for a tinted glow.

Paint Tip #4: Get Waxed.
Spray items over wax paper -- not newspaper -- to keep them from sticking.

Jazz up Jars

Highlight Hinges and Knobs

Boil metal hinges and knobs in hot water to clean, then pat dry and arrange on a sheet of wax paper with the bases facing downward. Spray on a bold hue until completely colored.

Paint Tip #5: Be Storage-Savvy.
Spray-paint valves can get clogged if they are not used for a while. To avoid this, hold the can upside down and spray it for five seconds before putting on the cap and storing it away.

Highlight Hinges and Knobs

Keep the crafting going!

Studded Nightstand

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