Kitchen Fix: Spatial Relations

Rach's design buddy Evette Rios brings big style to a small space. Want more? Watch Evette's video tour of the now-cozy breakfast nook »


You can never have enough storage space in the kitchen, and this small kitchen desperately needed more. We found it in some unexpected places.

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Create Double-Duty Storage

By replacing old dining chairs with a custom, built-in bench, the couple gained a great breakfast nook -- and a hidden compartment for bulky essentials.

spacial relations

Use Empty Walls

Install a hanging rack ($10, on an unused wall for magazines and recipes.

spatial relations

Clear the Counters

Free up precious counter space by placing appliances in a hutch or on a buffet table.

spatial relations

Make a Move

Hide the trash can in a cabinet on a roll-out glide system ($37,

spatial relations

Finding Hiding Spots

Install a small swing-out drawer in front of the sink for sponges and pads.

spatial relations

Cheap Fix

The homeowners needed a spot for fresh produce, but we wanted to keep the counters clear. Evette picked up straw CD bins for about $5 each at Target and screwed them into the wall. No one could tell they were meant for tunes and not tomatoes!

spatial relations


Evette tackled this tiny kitchen's problems, and few sneaky solutions in unexpected places provide tons of storage.

spatial relations