Ideas for tomorrow's cooking tools are coming from an unlikely source: MIT's Media Lab, a group of professors and students who usually focus on high-tech inventions such as stackable electric cars and house-trained robots. Get ready to see these gizmos in your kitchen soon.

By Rachael Ray Every Day
November 01, 2005
smart cooking

In the future:Silicone is already used for muffin cups, spaghetti strainers...and your sink is next. It's antifungal, and better yet, it cleans up in a flash.Right now:

In the future:Soon your oven mitt will double as a meat thermometer. Simply grab your steak with the electronic mitt, and the screen tells you how much cooking time remains.Right now:

In the future:The Dishmaker will melt dirty acrylic dishes, then create new ones to order, using less energy and water than a dishwasher -- and saving kids everywhere from cleanup duty.Right now: