A few picks to help you avoid the fatigue, headaches, and other health risks associated with sleepless nights.

Morning Glory

WITTI Design Beddi Glow alarm clock
Credit: Photography by Peter Ardito

Ditch your smartphone (and the temptation to scroll at all hours) for a real alarm clock. The WITTI Design Beddi Glow ($80) will wake you up with a light that simulates sunrise. 

Sheet Dreams

Sheex Original Performance Sheet Set
Credit: Photo courtesy of Sheex

Made of a microfiber polyester-spandex blend with moisture-wicking technology, the Sheex Original Performance Sheet Set (From $159, shown in Carolina Bluefeels silky.

Security Blanket

Gravity Blanket
Credit: Photo courtesy of Gravity

The Gravity Blanket($249, shown in Space Greyis an adult swaddle. Weighted with beads that "hug" your body, it's said to naturally increase melatonin levels.

Bath Time

Bath & Body Works Sleep Bath Soak
Credit: Photo courtesy of Bath & Body Works

Get your home spa on with Bath & Body Works Sleep Bath Soak ($17), which has aromatic lavender essential oils and sea salts to help you relax. 

Pillow Talk

Bedgear Balance 1.0 Performance Pillow
Credit: Photography by Peter Ardito

The foam-filled Bedgear Balance 1.0 Performance Pillow ($100) cradles your head, neck, and shoulders to release tension from pressure points. 

Under Covers

Buffy ultra-light comforter
Credit: Photo courtesy of Buffy

Meet Buffy (From $120), an ultra-light comforter that's part microfiber, part eucalyptus; super soft on your skin; and as warm as luxe down but cool to the touch.  

Tech Support

iFit Sleep HR
Credit: Photo courtesy of iFit

If you're the data type, put iFit Sleep HR ($119) under your mattress. Its sensors will track your heart rate so you can see how long you're in each sleep cycle, including REM sleep.