Rach's design buddy Evette Rios rethinks a tiny kitchen. Want more? Check out Evette's video of the makeover



This old, outdated kitchen looked like a lodge -- it was wood-paneled from floor to ceiling -- but Rach's design buddy, Evette Rios, wanted the kitchen to be a bright departure.

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PROBLEM: The dark brick wall makes the kitchen feel cavelike, and it doesn't match the bright floors.
 SOLUTION: Paint the brick. We used colorful latex paint over durable oil-based primer (yes, oil-based primer works with water-based paint!) -- a combination that'll stand up to kitchen wear and tear.

small change house call

Electrical Box

PROBLEM: An ugly wood-paneled electrical box sits smack in the middle of the wall.
 SOLUTION: Turn the panel into a magnetic message board. We glued sheet metal to custom-cut plywood, added aluminum trim and attached it with piano hinges.

House Call


PROBLEM: The homeowners want to keep the tiles, but bold, patterned floors are hard to match.
 SOLUTION: Embrace the floors by bringing out the color -- we painted the bar stools blue -- and give the kitchen a fresh paint job so the space looks new, despite the old floors.

small change house call

Painting Tips: Get in Line

Prime the bricks, then paint between them before using a roller to paint the brick faces.

small change painting

Painting Tips: From the Top

Paint trim with a 2 1/2-inch angled brush, then paint horizontally below the trim with a small roller before using a large roller on the whole wall.

small change painting

Painting Tips: Like New

When you paint a wall, give window frames a coat, too, and update the switch plates -- they're only a few bucks each.

small change painting

Cheap Fix

Give a weathered stovetop an instant upgrade with shiny new burner plates -- they're only about $2 each at hardware stores.

small change cheap fix


On a tight budget and in just one weekend, Evette transformed this dark an dingy space into a bright welcoming space.

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