You've got one chance to roast your Thanksgiving turkey to golden, crispy perfection, so you better believe we insist on splurging on a hefty roasting rack.


Here's why: No tool works harder to give your turkey the crispy skin and juicy meat everyone craves. A roasting rack lets air circulate around your bird for faster, more even cooking. It also makes room for the browned bits to crisp up on the bottom of the pan, which is key for rich gravy. After Turkey Day, use your rack to give the same tasty treatment to roast chicken, ham, roast beef and whole fish. And when your dish drainer is full, the rack serves as an extra spot for drying pots and pans!

What to buy: Skip pan-and-rack combos: You can use any rack (they start as low as $10) with roasters, casseroles and baking sheets you already own. Choose a nonstick version for easy cleanup and large handles for an easy grip with oven mitts. While arched racks are ideal for poultry, foldable versions accommodate different means and tuck easily inside cupboards. Just make sure to buy one that's large enough for your biggest roast of the year.

Pictured above: A flattish, U-shaped Calphalon Nonstick Roaster Rack is ideal for handling more than just poultry.$19,

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