Grover, Alan and Elmo show Rach that life on the iconic boulevard is still A-OK.

By Rachael Ray Every Day
November 01, 2005
Sesame Street

Rachael Ray: Hey, gang! I'm so happy to be hanging out with you in Hooper's Store. Judging by the contents of the fridge, no one will go thirsty on Sesame Street. How much water does the average monster have to drink?

GROVER: Regular monsters need roughly eight glasses a day, but superheroes, such as myself, tend to drink nine or so. It is important to stay hydrated.

RR: Is that how you keep your fur so blue, Grover?

GROVER: Monsters are very hygienic--except for Oscar, but he is a Grouch--so naturally I take many baths. I'd say that I am lucky to be blessed with such a luxurious coat of lovely blue fur.

RR: What's your favorite flavor of yogurt?

ELMO: Elmo loves strawberry yogurt--probably because it is red. Elmo's mommy sometimes lets Elmo eat frozen yogurt as a special treat. It is delicious!

RR: What's the yummiest thing your mom ever made for you?

GROVER: That's easy: alphabet soup.

RR: Alan, what's the most popular item in the store?

ALAN: Well, everyone has their favorite foods that I make a lot. Elmo loves pizza, Big Bird comes in every day for a birdseed milkshake, Baby Bear really digs my oatmeal with honey and berries, and I go through a lot of cookies for--who else?-- Cookie Monster.

RR: Do you deliver? Will you send orders to Big Bird's nest?

ALAN: Why, yes, we do deliver anywhere on Sesame Street. Oscar once had me deliver a sardine-and-spinach sundae to his trash can. He gave me a wooden nickel as a tip.

RR: Sounds, um, delish. Do you think good food puts people in a good mood?

GROVER: Of course it does! Being in a good mood is just a small part of what makes me soooo lovable and cute.

RR: Are there foods that you were afraid to try but now enjoy?

ELMO: Elmo would have to say wasabi. Elmo heard it was really hot, but after Elmo tried it, Elmo realized he loves it. Maybe that is why Elmo doesn't have eyelids.

RR: Elmo, you look so fit and trim. Have you been exercising?

ELMO: Yeah, baby! Elmo loves to ride tricycles around Sesame Street with all of Elmo's friends who live there.

RR: If you could make dinner for any monster, animal or person in the whole world, who would it be and why?

ELMO: Elmo would make a fancy dinner for Elmo's pet goldfish, Dorothy. Fish food every day can be so boring.

RR: So, what's the best thing about living on Sesame Street?

ALAN: Definitely the wonderful friends that I've met since I've moved there. Monsters and people living in harmony as a family--who could ask for anything more?