Screen Play! Backyard Movie Party

Gather friends for dinner and a movie -- in your backyard!

Tonight we're throwing a different kind of party. There will be stars, but only on the big screen: Fashion a makeshift theater in your backyard and invite friends over for a picnic and a movie. Rent a projector and hang a sheet on your fence. The only hard part is picking a movie. Two words for the indecisive: Will Ferrell.


Coleslaw Cups

Goat Cheese Nachos

Jalapeño Corn Muffins

Molasses-Glazed Spareribs

Berries & Cream Cones

Tropical Fizzes

tips + how-tos



Get the Scoop Create your own concession stand by filling big glass jars and vases with assorted candy and snacks. Provide old-fashioned aluminum flour scoops ( and paper cups so guests can make their own mixes.

Light the Way Make a theater-style aisle leading to the seating area by running two parallel strings of rope lights through the grass. ( Make sure you tape down extension cords so no one trips!

Pop To It Decorate the table with a popcorn lamp. Place a small candle inside a glass and place the glass inside a larger glass vase. Pour popcorn into the vase to surround the glass. (If the glass is shorter than the vase, just prop it up on a layer of popcorn.)

Showtime Call a local audio-visual store to rent a projector for the night -- or rent one with a built-in DVD player and speakers from Meeting Tomorrow, a nationwide rental service ( No need to rent a screen -- just hang a sheet on a wall or over a clothesline. Do a test run before the guests arrive!