With new products hitting the grocery stands every day, it's hard to keep up with the latest food trends. Have no fear; we're here to help! Each week, we'll be highlighting a new product that's worthy of a spot in your shopping cart and your kitchen.

The Product

Food tubes are filling up grocery store shelves quicker than ever. But don't think your options are just limited to tomato paste. Some of our favorite tasty tubes include anchovy paste, ginger paste and wasabi paste.

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Why You Should Buy Them

It's always frustrating having to throw out a can of tomato paste or a bag of fresh herbs because we just couldn't finish it on time. Resealable tubes not only keep condiments for weeks, but they also make measuring easy and add flavor to food in a pinch.

How You Should Use Them

Each tube has a concentrated flavor. Just squeeze and mix!


Salty anchovy spread adds easy zing to Caesar salads, but it's also great in sauces. While many recipes call for canned anchovies that you melt into oil, the paste eliminates that step completely! Try it in Linguine with Rach's Cupboard Red Clam Sauce.


Most of us don't use enough fresh ginger to finish it up before it shrivels- and peeling can be a pain. Try the tube to lend a kick to marinades, sauces and soups, like Carrot Ginger Soup.


Wasabi paste isn't just for sushi! Use it to spice up veggie sandwiches, chicken breast, or condiments, like in our Panko-Crusted Fishwiches with Wasabi Tartar Sauce.

With so many different flavors and options, the squeeze-abilities are endless!

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