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Saturday Supermarket Smarts: Egg Whites


Before you head out to the grocery store this weekend, make sure you know which egg whites are most cost- and time-efficient.


The Product

It may seem tempting to buy a box of egg whites, but fresh whites come with some savings and a built-in bonus: yolks!

Why You Should Buy Them

Fresh whites are not only half the price of packaged whites, but also their pure eggy flavor and fluffy texture make the effort of separating your own eggs well worth it.

How You Should Use Them

Use the yolks for mayo, pudding or carbonara sauce so none of your egg goes to waste. Then use the whites in these following recipes:


Cheesy Baked Spinach and Egg Whites with Bread and Fruit


Key Lime Meringue Pie


Passion Fruit Fizz Sour

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