Salad Spinners

We bet you'll get your daily serving of greens if you buy one of these hardworking bowls.
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salad spinners

1) Chef'n Salad Spinner
(Family with little cook helpers)
$20, for stores
UPSIDE Inexpensive; spins with one hand; remains stable while spinning; lever locks down for storage.
DOWNSIDE Bulky, heavy bowl not ideal for serving.

2) RSVP Salad Spinner
(The mod couple)
UPSIDE Fun, funky design; large capacity.
DOWNSIDE Requires two hands to operate and more effort than the others to spin; heavy.

3) MIU Pull String Salad Spinner
(The health-conscious college student)
UPSIDE Inexpensive; light and compact; retractable, easy-pull cord; versatile spinning action delicate enough to clean berries.
DOWNSIDE No brake; cord may snap back if you let go; requires two hands to operate; a bit flimsy; cord may fray after heavy use.

4) Oxo Steel Salad Spinner
(The entertainer)
UPSIDE Spins with one hand; knob locks down for storage; large capacity; see-through lid; doubles as stylish serving bowl.
DOWNSIDE Expensive; heavy.

5) Zylis Easy Spin Salad Spinner
(The salad fanatic)
$25, for stores
UPSIDE Easy-pull cord; spins fast and smoothly; see-through lid.
DOWNSIDE Requires two hands to operate; cord may fray after heavy use.


Leek-and-Bacon Tart

Multitasking 101: With a little dish soap and hot water, you can transform a salad spinner into a mini dishwasher: It's perfect for cleaning small or oddball items. (Bonus: It's a great task to give the kids.)

*Prices and other details were accurate when we published this article in August 2009.