We bet you'll get your daily serving of greens if you buy one of these hardworking bowls.

By Rachael Ray Every Day
November 01, 2005
salad spinners

1) Chef'n Salad Spinner
(Family with little cook helpers)
$20, chefn.com for stores
UPSIDE Inexpensive; spins with one hand; remains stable while spinning; lever locks down for storage.
DOWNSIDE Bulky, heavy bowl not ideal for serving.

2) RSVP Salad Spinner
(The mod couple)
$20, cheftools.com
UPSIDE Fun, funky design; large capacity.
DOWNSIDE Requires two hands to operate and more effort than the others to spin; heavy.

3) MIU Pull String Salad Spinner
(The health-conscious college student)
$19, amazon.com
UPSIDE Inexpensive; light and compact; retractable, easy-pull cord; versatile spinning action delicate enough to clean berries.
DOWNSIDE No brake; cord may snap back if you let go; requires two hands to operate; a bit flimsy; cord may fray after heavy use.

4) Oxo Steel Salad Spinner
(The entertainer)
$50, oxo.com
UPSIDE Spins with one hand; knob locks down for storage; large capacity; see-through lid; doubles as stylish serving bowl.
DOWNSIDE Expensive; heavy.

5) Zylis Easy Spin Salad Spinner
(The salad fanatic)
$25, zylissusa.com for stores
UPSIDE Easy-pull cord; spins fast and smoothly; see-through lid.
DOWNSIDE Requires two hands to operate; cord may fray after heavy use.


Multitasking 101: With a little dish soap and hot water, you can transform a salad spinner into a mini dishwasher: It's perfect for cleaning small or oddball items. (Bonus: It's a great task to give the kids.)

*Prices and other details were accurate when we published this article in August 2009.